04 June, 2008


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PC Podcast #337 (February 2011) - An interview and five selected Planet Terror tracks.

Solipsistic NATION No. 184: Planet Terror Records (March 2010) - An hour-long mix of Planet Terror tracks and an interview with us.


Mikuś - Remembrance Dubs [PLANET028]
"With Remembrance dubs, the London-based musician explores a more personal aspect of his sound. In dub, Mikuś finds a cosmic and spiritual aspect which liberates and regenerates." - Nizetch.fr (translated)
Arie - Cold Up Norf [PLANET027]
"It’s a six-track EP but each track has sufficient meat to it to make it a worthwhile and well formed effort, mixing in garage and dance elements with some healthily abyss like dub beats which offer up an almost perfect level of immersion if you’re in the mood for it." - Enough Records
Sk'p - Unmute Your Journey [PLANET026]
"This album is mind blowing from start to finish, but my absolute favorite tracks are the 'Soivelslevios' and 'Vleckeffect' spread. Gorgeous! Epic! Huge! The melody of the former is so incredibly moving and between the emotional choir pads and upbeat chiptune interjections, I don't know whether to cry or rejoice. Perhaps both would be in order, but after every listen I can't help but literally shake my head in awe." - Brainchops
Various Artists - Terra Firma [PLANET024]
A wicked selection of mostly dubstep based electronic awesomeness with some IDM and breakcore stuff in there too. Basically every track is a winner but some highlights for me were: Adam Kroll's 'Emigrant', a fantastic aggressive, spacious dubstep track with trancey arps and brassy stabs... the bouncy psy dubstep of Cixxx J's edit of 'Solstice' by Dubbwune... Rogue State doing his inimatable 4x4 dubstep thang on 'Fireworkz'... 2 tone chiptune-core of 'New Ferves' by Smurd and the huge, lolloping psy-dub monster 'Zion Blood' by Titus Twelve - Untimely Sound
Mikuś - Dub Praises [PLANET023]
The music has a hypnotic quality to it, which grabs you and doesn’t let go without a fight. And trust me I tried to fight it. This would make the perfect chill out soundtrack, and perhaps it is best enjoyed if you are very, um, 'chilled out' - Ark Magazine
Titus Twelve - Dig and Delve [PLANET018]
"Immaculate" - Density of Sound
"Well worth a download if you're in the mood for dub or even if you've just got a penchant for the more abstracted peripheries of lyrical trip hop, although don't expect an easy listen from it" - The Creative Uncommons.
Sephirot - Synthaesthesia [PLANET017]
"Ever since he sent me this tape and those links hes been in constant rotation over here, SO BIG UPS SEPHIROT & PLANET TERROR RECORDS!! and good lookin out, ur music is fuckin BEAUTIFUL. Aurora is the illest beat ive heard in a minute son!" - Blunt Guts Nation
Various Artists - Planetarium [PLANET011]
"Planetarium is a 14-track beast of a compilation, and wait for it...it's free!!! Like everything else these guys launch, it's the business." - Nomadic Art Organisation.
Robot Koch - 101 [PLANET010]
"The two tracks available incorporate hip hop sensibilities alongside IDM bleeps and squeaks, placing the release closer to producers like edIT and Pedro than any of the new, so-called 'future hip hoppers'." - Reg Regler, Now Then Magazine, Issue 16.
Barbarix - The Mystics EP [PLANET006]
"Beginning with the beatless opening soundscape of ‘Born’ and ending with the harrowing ‘When Night Falls’, Barbarix creates the impression of this release having a minuture life story of its own, and a peculiar pulse rising out of the backdrop of skillfully-arranged field recordings permeates the entire EP. Dim the lights in your front room, let this beautiful music fill the silence and I’m sure you will share in our excitement." - Ben Dorey, Now Then Magazine, Issue 13.

"I'm loving the mood on this one. Some very classical elements like harps and choir and all that..." - The Stuff I Listen To.