25 December, 2009

Titus Twelve - Dig and Delve [PLANET018]

Titus Twelve has been with us from the start, so it gives us great pleasure to release his first full length album on Planet Terror. Showcasing his trademark blend of hip hop, dub and dubstep perfectly, Dig and Delve displays a keen ear for production that should make it popular with netaudio heads and DJs alike. Remember the name.

1. Name Game (Intro) (1:06)
2. Broke One Skank (3:44)
3. Village of the Dubbed (5:24)
4. Baker for Life (4:44)
5. FanfarI (5:00)
6. Doink (Pandy's Skank) (4:32)
7. Mr. Morningstar (Feat. Arnossi) (4:15)
8. Ungrateful Cow (2:00)
9. Pipe Up Natty Red (A Ghost Story) (3:30)
10. To The Ancient (4:22)
11. Step Up (Feat. Arnossi) (4:29)
12. The Table of Six (4:38)

DOWNLOAD: archive.org | mediafire.com

"Immaculate" - Density of Sound

"Well worth a download if you're in the mood for dub or even if you've just got a penchant for the more abstracted peripheries of lyrical trip hop, although don't expect an easy listen from it." - The Creative Uncommons.