10 February, 2010

20Hz Steel City Mix

A-Kid of 20hz Soundsystem mixes tunes from some of Sheffield's finest homegrown talents, along with a few international bangers. Deep and dirty but not lacking in melody and catchy vox.

Vandal AKA - Green Smoke
Karmacist - Nirvana
Commodo - Confessions
Commodo - Eastern Bloc
Grieff - Out There in the Dark
Commodo - Rec Room
Vandal AKA - Follow Dem
Commodo - Twilight Dub
Vandal AKA - Bumblebee
Noah D - Serious Music
Skream - Filth
Unknown - Outkast B.O.B. (Remix)
Suspicious Stench - Breath (Remix)
The Others - Everybody Do The Super Skank
Vaski - Murder
Caspa - Marmite
Datsik - Retreat
Commodo - Saracen
Vandal AKA - Night Night
Deadbeat & Kid1 - False Hope (Rogue State Remix)

DOWNLOAD: mediafire.com