07 May, 2010

Mikuś - Dub Praises [PLANET023]

The third installment of deep dub goodness from London-based producer Mikuś. If you've heard Dub Mirror and Rain Down Dub you know the drill - serious bassweight, echoing percussion and stepping rhythms.

1. Erthe Dub (3:34)
2. Heart of the Sun (4:29)
3. Wolf Moon (Navam Poya) (7:36)
4. Shiva Dub (3:45)
5. Shiva Aum Dub (3:45)

"The music has a hypnotic quality to it, which grabs you and doesn’t let go without a fight. And trust me I tried to fight it. This would make the perfect chill out soundtrack, and perhaps it is best enjoyed if you are very, um, chilled out" - Ark Magazine