01 January, 2009

B1t Crunch3r - The Travelogue EP [PLANET007]

The Travelogue EP was assembled by Hollywood producer B1t Crunch3r, who has had releases on Take 5 Music and Substruk Recordings. Featuring two collaborations, a VIP and a solo effort, the EP is a net project between B1t Crunch3r (California, USA), Adapt (North Carolina, USA) and Phonetic System (Sydney, Australia).

Comparisons to Scuba and Quantum Soul seem pretty appropriate here, especially for opener 'House of Ophiuchus', a track that hinges on a lilting sitar line and heavy bass. Meanwhile, the atmospheric 'Night Creatures' lies at the other end of this EP's wide spectrum. Expect more from these producers.

1. B1t Crunch3r & Adapt - House of Ophiuchus (5:30)
2. B1t Crunch3r & Phonetic System - Replicators (6:05)
3. B1t Crunch3r & Adapt - Foresight VIP (6:32)
4. B1t Crunch3r - Night Creatures (5:32)