01 January, 2009

Barbarix - The Mystics EP [PLANET006]

Probably the most established artist to work with us so far, Barbarix has had releases on Belgian netlabel Entity.be and the infamous Brighton-based Net-Lab, as well as loads of attention from Mary Anne Hobbs, Nerm, Nihal and Bobby Friction of Radio 1 fame.

The Mystics EP is a significant departure from some of his more pounding creations, a relaxing and atmospheric affair best suited to lying in a darkened room or roaming through mystic wooded areas, climaxing with the glorious 'When Night Falls'. Clear yourself some headspace and bathe in the warming talent of Barbarix.

1. Born (4:33)
2. The Secret Garden (5:49)
3. Madeena Luithea (4:28)
4. When Night Falls (4:46)

"Beginning with the beatless opening soundscape of ‘Born’ and ending with the harrowing ‘When Night Falls’, Barbarix creates the impression of this release having a minuture life story of its own, and a peculiar pulse rising out of the backdrop of skillfully-arranged field recordings permeates the entire EP. Dim the lights in your front room, let this beautiful music fill the silence and I’m sure you will share in our excitement." - Ben Dorey, Now Then Magazine, Issue 13.

"I'm loving the mood on this one. Some very classical elements like harps and choir and all that..." - The Stuff I Listen To.