02 September, 2011

Sephirot - Flash FWD [PLANET032]

Having released his debut EP with Planet Terror in December 2009, Sephirot returns with Flash FWD, a four-track EP encompassing vibrant house, deep dub tones, soft jazz inflections and syncopated 2-step rhythms. Somehow this young Leeds-based musician has further broadened his sound, absorbing new influences and spitting them back out as a fresh, synthy melange across this half-hour offering.

Artwork by Dan Gouly.

DOWNLOAD (65.9MB): archive.org | mediafire.com

The four track release runs the gamut through a spectral sound of spacey electronic jazz, where acoustic and electronic meet at the border and embrace one another with vigour. The album is fulfilling and satiable to the point where halfway through the second track ‘Of Love and Shadows’ you feel as if you’ve already been rewarded for downloading the EP. - Netlabelism