13 February, 2012

Titus XII - Bardman Business [PLANET035]

The infamous Titus XII returns with an EP full of rare cuts, outtakes and early tracks. From the dirty, distorted 'Bitter Business' to the chirpy hip hop shuffle of 'Grundy' and the Shakespearian 'Suits of Woe', Bardman Business is a strong introduction to the early work of this British producer. Well worth a listen, even if you haven't checked out his full-length Planet Terror release Dig and Delve yet.

DOWNLOAD (46.6MB): archive.org | mediafire.com

"Bardman Business is no Dig and Delve of course but it’s still pretty damn good with a couple of proper stand out tracks which’d be worthy of a fully formed album and others which are well worth the price of admission (read: download & free). Special mentions for ‘Crisis Drone’ and ‘The Suits of Woe’ in particular the latter of which is approaching my all time favourite, fanboy revelry inducing ‘Mr Morningstar’ from Dig and Delve in the compulsive listening stakes." - Dylan Orchard, the Laikanist