27 February, 2015

Christopher Rave - Peak [PLANET047]

Christopher Rave's live acid sets have been permeating Sheffield over the last couple of years, but in our opinion this man hasn't been given the platform he deserves.

Built on the fly with synths and drum machines, his tracks are raw and squelchy, returning to a time when dance music was fun and spontaneous. In a world where most 'live' dance sets consist of a man with a hairdo staring at a laptop screen, Chris's spikey, analogue sound is just what the acid doctor ordered. And there isn't a laptop screen in sight. Or any hair.

Join us at DAda Bar on 5th February to celebrate the release of Chris's 4-track EP, Peak, and have a good stomp to new and unreleased material, created live before your very eyes. It won't cost you anything (apart from your hearing).

***Download Peak here: https://archive.org/download/planet047/planet047.zip***

Waveforms of various shapes and sizes to be found at https://soundcloud.com/christopher-rave

Also check out Chris's collaboration with Spongebob Squarewave (Squire of Gothos), AYU ACID, at https://soundcloud.com/ayuacid