10 June, 2015

Ascetic - The Citizen Made of Glass

It seems like an age since we released Ascetic's A Network of Lines That Intersect, a brooding mixture of dark techno and ambient industrial noise. Originally cutting his teeth on breakcore under his Machinochrist moniker, the UK-born, Berlin-based artist has more recently been refining this brand of intense and atmospheric pseudo-techno.

There is plenty to get your teeth into with The Citizen Made of Glass, from solid stompers to beatless wonders, all of them carrying a dexterity and depth that mark Ascetic out as a producer of genuine talent.


"Lying somewhere on the intensity scale between the overtly harsh noise of Ben Frost and the more restrained repetition of Vatican Shadow, Ascetic creates some of the creepiest electronic music put to tape, employing a combination of subtle, lingering noises and an underpinning of heavy, ritualistic bass, never becoming sonically overbearing."
Richard Spencer, Now Then Magazine