Cellar Dweller Anagramm Cellar Dweller & Anagramm - Mood Swing/Amelodic Knuckle
Our final Planet Terror release comes from two of our mainstays, Cellar Dweller and Anagramm. Having put out music by both UK artists in the past, it's a pleasure to bring them together for this split EP, which showcases their own individual takes on techno, from the hazy, Border Community-inspired 'For Joy' to the solid pulse of 'Amelodic Knuckle'.

Ascetic Citizen Ascetic - The Citizen Made Of Glass
It seems like an age since we released Ascetic's A Network of Lines That Intersect, a brooding mixture of dark techno and ambient industrial noise. Originally cutting his teeth on breakcore under his Machinochrist moniker, the UK-born, Berlin-based artist has more recently been refining this brand of intense and atmospheric pseudo-techno.

Smurd has been with us since the release of our Terra Firma compilation back in 2010 (featuring the robotic breakbeat of 'New Ferves'), but the last you heard from him on Planet Terror was the Mo Gear EP, our 40th release. This man is prolific, so it hasn't taken him long to put together another batch of tracks from his lab. From the technical ('The Shield') to the playful ('Alive or Dead', 'Saloon'), this is a producer who has his hardware under control.

Christopher Rave - Peak Christopher Rave - Peak
Christopher Rave's live acid sets have been permeating Sheffield over the last couple of years, but in our opinion this man hasn't been given the platform he deserves. Built on the fly with synths and drum machines, his tracks are raw and squelchy, returning to a time when dance music was fun and spontaneous. Peak is his first release, but expect more from this man. While the real joy is seeing him build the tracks in real time, these are still recordings of live takes, with all the happy mistakes and artifacts that come with the live hardware environment.

Kingstux - The Illusion is Worth Fighting For Kingstux - The Illusion is Worth Fighting For
The Illusion is Worth Fighting For is Kingstux' second full-length release, and for our money his best so far. Refining his own unique brand of electronic eclecticism, the record fuses colourful synths, deep and fuzzy basslines, madcap drum programming and an experimental melodic sensibility that stands out from the crowd.

Cellar Dweller - Monochrome Rainbow Cellar Dweller - Monochrome Rainbow
Monochrome Rainbow is Cellar Dweller's first full length album. Marrying interests in drone and noise with the darker side of melodic techno hinted at in his Origami EP, it ranges from improvisational process pieces to tracks suitable for a cold warehouse dance floor. Drawing as much influence from poetry and pattern art as it does from musical reference points ranging from Messiaen to Basic Channel, it presents a rewarding if disconcerting listening experience.

Luca La Morgia - The Garden of My Limits / Money Talks Luca La Morgia - The Garden of My Limits / Money Talks
The second 2-track single release from Italy's Luca La Morgia via Planet Terror. 'The Garden of My Limits' gently rolls out of the speakers, a delicate mixture of synths and picked acoustic guitar.'Money Talks' is more percussive, maintaining the same sense of melody but with a more solid backbone. Keep your eye on Luca.

Luca La Morgia - Mental Disorder / Analogue Wants To Fight
Luca La Morgia - Mental Disorder / Analogue Wants To Fight
We first found Luca's music on Soundcloud earlier this year and knew we owed it to society to share. This is the first of two single releases we'll be doing on which you'll find acid-tinged melodic electronica and classic breakbeat manipulations. 'Mental Disorder' hits all the sweet spots, synthetic harps and strings colliding underneath a driving rhythm. 'Analogue Wants To Fight' is a slightly darker affair, but follows the same classic electronica aesthetic. Keep your eye out for the second instalment next week.

Titus 12 - Human Face
Titus 12 - Human Face
A couple of vintage Titus tracks for your ears. We've been sitting on these for a while so we thought it was only fair to spread the love. 'Human Face' has had a couple of outings on Don Letts' BBC 6Music show, as well as being played on the legendary Glasgow-based soundsystem Mungo's Hi Fi. Both tracks have that signature Titus swagger - dubwise production with hints of hip hop and some serious low-end.

Anchortell - Snapshots
With our 41st release on Planet Terror we welcome a new producer called Anchortell into the fold. Born in the UK but now residing in Australia, his new EP Snapshots reveals a wealth of influences and approaches to his craft, creating a small collection of tracks we are proud to unleash on the world.

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